A new look – the same great protection

You may have noticed some changes recently with the Trend Micro brand, from our packaging, to instore POS and animated characters on our website. Why the change? Well, at Trend Micro we have a long and proud history of innovating our product to protect our customers from all the latest threats, and decided it was time to unveil a fresh new look to match!

Let’s walk through some of the changes you may have seen, and some that are still to come.

A new tagline – You’re Covered On the Go and At Home

I’m sure many of you are thinking “what does that mean?”. Essentially it comes down to what devices Trend Micro protects and where. ”You’re Covered On the Go” refers to anywhere you may be outside of your home, whether it be at work, school, at a friend’s place, out for dinner, your PC, Mac and mobile devices will be protected. “You’re Covered At Home” refers to protection of all your devices, including smart devices connected via the home network. Put together ‘You’re Covered On the Go and At Home’ represents that with Trend Micro, you can be protected on any device, anywhere you go.


Refreshed Packaging and point of sale (POS)

In recent years we have updated our packaging from our signature red colour with Trend Micro logo to sleek white with tiled colours to stand out among the rest. Our new packaging is sticking to our heritage of our signature red with some notable new additions. On the front of pack there are animated characters (more on this below) as well as some new iconography to more clearly call out the key features of each product. We have also refreshed the back of box with a cleaner look including a table expanding on the product’s key features, an section outlining which apps are included in the product, as well as a section to help call out how to install the product and where you can go if you need any help.


New animated characters

Internet security and protecting your devices is serious, but it doesn’t need to be scary. In a new direction for Trend Micro, we have created new characters to visually represent the vast array of online threats that we help protect our customers from. Together, they are known as ‘The Usual Suspects’, the online threats known to be wreaking havoc on consumers. Each character can represent different online threats (most we have heard of before) and it is a threat that Trend Micro can protect against. Currently ‘The Usual Suspects’ are wanted for:

  • Malware
  • Network Intrusion
  • Phishing
  • Identity Theft

You will see these characters on our packaging and on POS loitering around various devices, trying to cause havoc. These attempts are fruitless though, as the device is protected by Trend Micro, represented by the green shield on it. When you see the green shield, you can rest easy knowing that Trend Micro is helping to protect you and your devices from cyber threats!

We are excited to share our new look with you and look forward to continuing to protect our customers with the same level of protection and service you have come to know us for, for over 30 years.

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