Trend Micro Premium Security Suite Adds Key Feature to Tackle Identity Theft

Trend Micro, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, announced the launch of Trend Micro Premium Security Suite, its most comprehensive protection for home users yet. In addition to a wide range of Trend Micro’s leading consumer security products, the new suite’s added key feature helps combat identity theft. 

Keep your devices safe from identity theft and other cyber threats with Trend Micro Premium Security Suite

To provide a solution for growing online security concerns, Trend Micro released Trend Micro Premium Security Suite, which includes the essential products, to provide complete identity and device protection:

  • Maximum Security: offers protection for PC and Mac®
  • Mobile Security: protects Android™ and iOS devices
  • ID Security: provides dark web monitoring to protect users against identity theft
  • WiFi Protection: helps secure personal information via VPN on public WiFi
  • Password Manager: helps keep passwords safe and secure

“As our lives and activities have moved increasingly online, so has the risk and rise of identity theft. The consequences of this malicious activity can have a significant impact on the lives of the victims for years to come,” said Tim Falinski, Managing Director, Consumer APAC for Trend Micro. “The vast amounts of personal data available online is not protected at a level that matches that same volume. With our new Trend Micro Security Suite, we are offering our customers the ability to protect their personal information online – in an easy way that does not require an advanced IT degree.”

Recent Trend Micro research also found that although concerns for cyber threats remain high, it’s the user’s behaviour that puts them at risk. Over half of the respondents confirmed they don’t use a password manager, which puts them at risk of weak or reused passwords. Over a third of the respondents said they use public WiFi, which potentially puts their personal information at risk.

“In the first half of this year alone, Trend Micro blocked over 27 billion threats, confirming that threats such as viruses, malware, and ransomware continue to be a major concern for consumers. Including our award-winning consumer product, Maximum Security, into our new Security Suite ensures that our users continue to receive the strongest protection against all threats,” Falinski added.

The new version of Trend Micro Premium Security Suite is available online at for Singapore, and for Malaysia.

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