Why You Should Update Windows 7 Now

Microsoft announced that they will no longer provide product support for Windows 7 starting January 14, 2020. If your computer is still running in Windows 7 until now – it will no longer receive technical assistance or software and security updates, which will affect users who have PCs that have been in use for a decade or more. This could mean that your outdated OS device is at high risk of vulnerability to various cyber threats.

Keeping your devices up-to-date with its OS is necessary as it adds the latest security patches and performance optimisation. But, what if you can’t immediately upgrade the OS after January 14thMicrosoft stated that your PCs would still continue to function; however, any related services for it will be discontinued, including security updates and bug fixes that protect your system from various cyber threats. Serious issues that could affect your device and compromise your personal information can occur, including software incompatibilities that may cause your device to crash, freeze, or run slowly, eventually affecting your productivity.

Update your Windows OS to avoid vulnerabilities

If you’re currently using Windows 7, consider updating to the latest version of Windows in order to avoid any inconvenience on your cyber security and your device’s performance. Keep these best practices in mind to ensure the safety of your data and information as you make the switch:

  • Buy a new PC or laptop (if possible). New Windows PCs will come with the latest OS, providing security for your personal data.
  • Upgrade to Windows 10. If it’s not within your budget to buy a new desktop or laptop, upgrading to the latest Windows version is recommended to get the latest security and performance updates.
  • Backup files before updating or making the switch. Before you buy that new computer or switch from Windows 7 to 10, ensure you backup your important files on an external hard drive.
  • Secure your PCs. Aside from the OS upgrades provided, you need to protect your device (and the data stored in it) with a security software that can defend against threats such as malware and vulnerability exploits.
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